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The Altar Boys must always be clean, well-behaved and always caring for their robes and their appearance. They must always concentrate on what the Priest says and does, and must be ready to serve the Priest as the angels serve God. These early Altar Boys were special persons appointed as personal servants to the Priests. They helped the Priests to perform their sacred work and dedicated themselves to this work.

Lawsuit: Priest influenced altar boy to watch others being sexually abused

In the tradition of the Altar Boys, they dedicated themselves as servers to the Priest in sacred work in the Sanctuary. Such servers are most important.

They must function smoothly and uniformly. They must be trained to perform their duties properly, efficiently and with the "Fear of God respect , Faith in God and Love to God.

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Any boy ten 10 years old or older may become an Altar Boy. Any boy interested in becoming an Altar Boy must first speak with either Fr.

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Dean, or our Altar Boy Director, Mr. Don Headley. We encourage all boys to become an Altar Boy, so that they serve the Lord like the angels that are above. These trials started when an altar boy observed an old woman hiding the bread given out during communion. Serving as an altar boy when young, he attended a seminary for a year, intending to become a priest. He served as an altar boy for many years and at one point thought of becoming a priest.

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The altar boy comes and goes and both remark on the lack of people attending mass. He attended parochial schools in the city, and was an altar boy. He was an altar boy in his youth, though it was often problematic to find an alb to fit him due to his height.

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Jacquou grows up under their protection and works as an altar boy. As a child, he was an altar boy and earned money via shoveling snow and a newspaper route.

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I was an altar boy and prayed all the time. He served as an altar boy and chorister.

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