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One caveat is that I got a little tired of the three stories about youngest sons where the oldest two sons were only friends with Alright I really liked this book in all it's silliness. One caveat is that I got a little tired of the three stories about youngest sons where the oldest two sons were only friends with each other.

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One of the stories made the brothers seem a little gay with their special looks and smiles for each other. Fine, I guess, but brothers? Anyway, read it, six little stories that are just fantastic. Warning: This review may contain spoilers. After reading a few fairy tale re-tellings of other authors, I can't help but go back and compare them to Gail Carson Levine. No matter what anyone says, Levine is incomparable.

She is really great the best, maybe? I do have Levine's " The Princess Tales, Volume I ", which contains the first three short stories that are in this book. Just yesterday when I went to the book store, I stumbled upon " The Princess Tales, Volume II ", which contains the last three short stories in this book. Aside from that, I had also found this book. Now, moving on to each individual story! There are two identical twin sisters who have very different personalities.

One is sweet and kind, while the other is rude and mean. A fairy rewards the first sister and punishes the other. However, the fairy's initial plan backfires when she finds out that neither gift brought the results that she had wanted. I do like this story. It has its hilarious moments and it was very enjoyable. It's funny though, because prior to now, I had never heard of "Toads and Princesses". Lorelei is a sweet, but absurdly picky girl.

However, despite her faults, Prince Nicholas does want her to become his bride. But Nicholas' parents insist on him marrying a real princess and devise various tests to assess a princesses' legitimacy. Will Lorelei, a mere commoner, be able to pass the princess test? I'm really impressed by how Levine managed to add a great background to this popular fairy tale.

I was really fascinated with the different tests that each princess had to take. I wish there were more tests! When Princess Sonora was a baby, she was granted with many gifts. The most evident one- intelligence. But she was also given a curse- when the time comes, she will be pricked by a spindle and will have to fall asleep for years until a prince comes to wake her up with a kiss.

From the first 3 stories, this one was the one that impressed me the least. I did like the first half of the story- where Princess Sonora was still a kid, going on with life in her little eccentric ways. But when the real plot starting taking place, my interest dwindled. There were too many names which made the story confusing. Cinderellis and Princess Marigold are two lonely children. Cinderellis, a young inventor, yearns to be accepted by his brothers.

Marigold just wishes that her father would stop going on quests and stay home with her. When a contest to win Princess Marigold's hand in marriage is announced, many men come in order to try their luck in climbing up a slippery glass hill with their horse. Cinderellis joins in the hullabaloo too, using his best inventions. It was hard thinking of a summary for this one. I didn't like this story.

What a disappointment. It was the first new Levine fairy tale that I've read today. And it really did not appeal to me. Maybe it's because I've never heard of the original fairy tale before. Or maybe I'm just privy to horses. I don't know. I just hope the last two stories are better than this one. Parsley loves eating parsley. Her love for the food has caused her teeth to turn parsley green. But that doesn't stop her from charming anyone with her dazzling smile. Through an incident, she is turned into a frog and must find a way to break the spell.

I don't remember liking anything in particular except for the prince. He was certainly different from all the other men in the other five stories. It was a nice and welcome change. Robin loves making people laugh and Princess Lark loves to laugh. Together, they'd make a perfect pair. The only problem is that Princess Lark's father is dead set against his daughter marrying a commoner and makes up difficult challenges in order to throw Robin off.

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This was a simple short story. It didn't have confusing details, and it felt quite short. The jokes were also a nice addition. I did find myself being amused by one of the jokes.

I thought that the ending of this short story wrapped up this whole book quite well. And that's that! I finished this book in one day. This counts as one day, seeing as it is just midnight. After reading this, I can still say that I stand firm on my belief that Levine makes great fantasy stories. The only thing that I haven't read is Levine's " Fairest ". I will remedy that, though. Although these stories were short, they were all certainly very sweet in their own way. I liked how all six of the short stories were subtly interconnected with one another.

That makes me feel better about buying this book which has all six of the stories , rather than me buying " The Princess Tales, Volume II ". Overall, this was a great book. All of Levine's works have a sort of magic. I think this book deserves 5 stars, although one of the stories did disappoint me. I suggest reading these stories slowly. You can't rush magic. May 14, Olivia rated it liked it Shelves: fairytale , fantasy.

Who can know. Oct 29, Madeline J. Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , mg , fantasy. These are all so fun! Rosella and Myrtle are both great in their own way. And Nicholas so had it coming to him Lorelei is so precious and such. Got quite a few laughs out of me. Sonora is a know-it-all of mass proportions and it's a riot! I remember really hating the brothers, though.

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I remember getting really annoyed with Parsley But she did have a change in the end. Robin and Lark are so cute together and Robin is hilarious. All in all, I got quite a few laughs out of this, which is totally good with me! I had read the first three stories before in another volume, but the last three were new to me. So good. Others seemed a bit hasty with the conclusions. They were all light and fun.

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I loved how she connected all of them by having them set in the same places and having some characters or their descendants interwoven. Mar 14, mary Ethington rated it really liked it.

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It has several 6 short princess stories that can be read fairly quickly. My nine year old and I read these stories together the first time and now she is reading them again on her own. I also love the hard cover copy, it looks nice. May 28, Tara rated it it was amazing. Lots of humorous, fairy tale shorts. I enjoy Levine's writing style and humor. Oct 11, Alyssa rated it it was amazing. She happens upon a fairy at the well.

The fairy gives her magical powers and gems are able to flow from her mouth when she speaks. There are other fairy tales in the book in the other chapters and each has a different main idea or theme. The author's writing made it difficult to put the book down at night and go to sleep. I had dreams about the fairies and their magical land.

Grimm's Fairy Tales

It was a good book overall. The strength of the book was that the various stories tied together. One weakness was the impossible mental picture of the jewels coming out of Rosetta's mouth. The rating that I gave the book was four stars. It was an easy read and kept my attention. Apr 29, Amanda Evans rated it really liked it. There are some days the gray in my hair reflects the grey in my soul. Reading this book was one of those times. The writing is good, but it's for kids, not a young adult. I like the author so I finished it, but it's one I'm going to be giving to someone younger that will hopefully appreciate it more than I can.

My old soul found it way too young and silly. The repeating names and made up words darn near dove me crazy. Nov 12, Danielle Routh rated it really liked it. Had to finish up with the sequel. I do wonder if we're entering a period where stories like these that subvert tropes will soon become a trope that needs to be subverted. Dec 11, Bethany rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites. This is a book full of fairy tales that Gail Carson Levine has redone beautifully!!

Some of them are simple accounts of how animals live in the wild. Others are stories about pets, or remarkable wild animals, or about hunting expeditions. Many are taken from Alexandre Dumas. Forty-one Japanese , Scandinavian , and Sicilian tales. Media related to The pink fairy book at Wikimedia Commons. Contains 34 stories from the Arabian Nights , adapted for children. The story of Aladdin is in this volume as well as in the Blue Fairy Book.

Contains 46 stories about real and mythical animals. Thirty-five stories, many from oral traditions, and others from French, German and Italian collections. Romania, Japan, Serbia , Lithuania , Africa, Portugal, and Russia are among the sources of these 35 stories that tell of a haunted forest, chests of gold coins, a magical dog, and a man who outwits a dragon.

Contains nineteen stories from various medieval and Renaissance romances of chivalry , adapted for children. Media related to The book of romance at Wikimedia Commons. Contains 29 stories from various medieval and Renaissance romances of chivalry, adapted for children. Published by Longmans as written by "Mrs. Lang"; illustrated by H. Contains 14 stories about the childhoods of European monarchs, including Napoleon , Elizabeth I , and Frederick the Great. Contains 12 true stories about role models for children, including Hannibal , Florence Nightingale , and Saint Thomas More.

Contains 30 stories on a variety of subjects, including true stories, Greek myths , and stories from Alexandre Dumas , Walter Scott and Edgar Allan Poe. Contains 23 stories about saints. Most of these are true stories, although a few legends are also included. Published after Andrew Lang's death, with an introduction by Mrs. Contains thirty-four stories on a variety of subjects, including ghost stories, Native American legends, true stories, and tales from Washington Irving.

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